Angels Among Us

They say there are angels among us … a recent walk in the neighborhood proves this to be true where I live.

I’m not sure when this little cherub first arrived or who put her there, but I first noticed her in the fall. She’s positioned so she seems to be keeping watch over the town. This week she’s facing the south ends of town … a few weeks ago she was facing north … guess she’s got all of us under her watch.

The pandemic has been tough on our little town, and as goal posts in our state have shifted around, it feels recently that people are losing optimism. That’s why walking does me good. On my walks I’ve found …

Peace …

Serene neighborhood views …

And beautiful sunsets.

While the news is often bleak, the scenery reminds me of an area that produces hardy people … we’ve proven in the past to be made of sturdy stuff around here.

And with angels looking over our shoulders, pandemics can’t have the upper hand forever. Right?

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Wishing you peace in all things … Shelly