Sometimes You Just Need to See a Bird Taking a Bath

Someone in town mentioned that they haven’t seen any Robins for a very long time.

I think they’re all at my house.

There’s a pair that have taken over the rain puddles on this tarp, and then there’s a mama Robin who built her nest under the eave of our front porch.

And to think I worried that the lack of any established trees were keeping birds away from our place.

The hummingbirds are a little slow in showing up tho … probably the extra cool weather … I’m purposefully calling the weather extra .. so these Robin-antics are very welcome.

There’s a lot in the world to worry about these days. Much to give reason to stop and pray.

And then … there’s a Robin bathing on the tarp.

I love my country life.


Author: Shelly

A country girl through and through, I am experiencing the bliss of returning "home" to my rural roots after nearly 40 years in the Seattle area. Recent years have been a mix of walking through two life altering health crises in our family, losing my Mom to dementia, transitioning from being a classroom teacher for over 20 years to managing two small-town libraries, and digging in to the peaks and valleys of country life. My original blog, Rashellbud is nearly 8 years old and is full of my "thought and faith" musings, while " Small Stuff Living" celebrates rural life. I also love being behind the lens of a camera and sharing the beauty of what I see with others. One of the true joys of blogging is the growing community of online friends and fellow writers who inspire me in countless ways.

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