Profound Makeover 101 – We Can Go Back and Fix Anything

A kitchen makeover (if you can call simply painting cabinets a “makeover”) under the guidance of a long time, special friend brings with it profound moments.

Our new mantra, for instance …

“Don’t worry. Just do it … we can go back and fix anything.”

“… a little sandpaper … some more paint … we’ll cover up any boo boos.”

I appreciated this cheerleading from H as I slapped blue-grey-green paint onto otherwise beautiful (albeit old and a bit battered) wood cabinets. Have to admit, I had second thoughts for the smallest of a moment about preserving the natural look of the wood. But a “well-if-that’s-what-you-want-look” that really meant “don’t-you-dare-look” from H kept me on course.

I shook off the doubts, picked up the sandpaper, and went back to work. We cranked up Casey Casem’s top 40’s countdown of the 70’s and 80’s (I♥️Radio app). and went to work. The music took us back in time while my cupboards got with the times.

Glad I stuck with the course as I love the results.

Ignore the green towel on the counter. Ugh! It spoils the picture a bit but I’m too lazy to take another one since at this precise moment, it would mean having to do the dishes first.

Mostly, I’m pretty bold and have no problems taking risks.

A little too often though, I’ve spent a life time fighting through nerves that keep me awake at night, wishing I could have done things better or differently. I can be especially fretful when it come to anything that pushes me beyond my skill level and out of the comfort zone. Finding ways to improve a 110 year-old-house on a teeny tiny budget and with little no-how definitely pushes all the “fret-about-this”, perfectionist buttons.

Thankfully, there’s H. “Just try it,” she urged regarding painting my cupboards … her immediate inclination the very moment she set eyes on them. “These will look so good painted. You’ll love it.”

It was only after we started that I found out that she’d never actually painted kitchen cabinets before. Other, smaller, pieces of furniture, yes. And lots of rooms. I’ve sat in some of those rooms mid-project when our kids were young and watched her put her mad-skills (she’d tell you to interpret “mad” however you want) to use and create a world of picket fences and bright flowers for her daughters to dream and play in.

So I had no doubt that if she didn’t know what she’s doing, she’d figure it out … or find a sledge hammer and give us a reason to call in the pros. But again, I didn’t worry, because H is one of those friend’s who balances me with her willingness to try anything at least once, mixed with a dose of curiosity. (This is a total side track, but it’s curious to me that curiosity is spelled the way it is.)

I say “almost-finished” because we’re taking a look at appliances now. The yellow-tinted fridge may have to go one of these days. Also, I have a makeshift island that needs an update now. One project always seems to create that ripple effect, doesn’t. Also, I’m finding a few of those boos boos mentioned earlier, so I think it’s going to be a while before the sandpaper and can of paint are fully tucked away.

Makeover Lessons 101 – Take a risk, we can go back and fix anything.

I sincerely hope this is true, because barely has the paint dried on the cabinets but I’ve been pushed into a new risk taking venture.

Tilly is an Aussie

Meet Tilly (although, we’re also toying with the idea of Tully for a name, which I like better … but that’s before I remembered that Tully is one of the main character’s in Firefly Lane … Hannah Krista novel … Netflix Series. As much as my heart goes out to Tully of the series, not sure we should name our dog after an extremely co-dependent, self-destructive person. But … I really love the name. We’ll see.)

Back to risk taking.

I did not want another dog. My Guy did. So after some compromising, here’s Tilly/Tully. I’m sure she’ll make great blogging fodder, as she’s already made life quite entertaining (and tiring) in the last 48 hours.

Entertaining for us. Not so much for the cats.

Simba’s reaction to a barking fur ball. He disappeared to the second floor only to sneak down to his food bowl at night.
Sophie took over our bed. She’s the Queen and her Diva attitude is in full force now that we’ve dared to bring a dog into her kingdom.

Not sure I’m up to training another dog (we’ve had several over the years) but she sure is sweet. After all, you don’t get something good without a little risk. Sandpaper and paint might not work for puppy booboos., but with some patience and consistency, we can go back and fix anything. Right? And of course, there is all the blogging fodder that she brings into the picture!

You weigh in. Tilly or Tully?

Have a wonderful week … and keep your fingers crossed that we will too … at least when it comes to getting some sleep!

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Wishing you peace in all things … Shelly


Author: Shelly

A country girl through and through, I am experiencing the bliss of returning "home" to my rural roots after nearly 40 years in the Seattle area. Recent years have been a mix of walking through two life altering health crises in our family, losing my Mom to dementia, transitioning from being a classroom teacher for over 20 years to managing two small-town libraries, and digging in to the peaks and valleys of country life. My original blog, Rashellbud is nearly 8 years old and is full of my "thought and faith" musings, while " Small Stuff Living" celebrates rural life. I also love being behind the lens of a camera and sharing the beauty of what I see with others. One of the true joys of blogging is the growing community of online friends and fellow writers who inspire me in countless ways.

9 thoughts on “Profound Makeover 101 – We Can Go Back and Fix Anything”

  1. Those types of friends are some of the best! I have a couple of them, myself. Push you outside yourself, build a little confidence at the same time. I think the cupboards turned out beautifully!
    I definitely see the struggle with picking the name. Tilly, to what I can see, means “mighty in battle” where as Tully means “peaceable” or “descendant of the devotee of the will of God.” Tully also makes me think of the coffee, which makes me lean more towards that… but Tilly is also just a cute name.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Renovations are often a moving target. You start of changing just one thing which attracts your attention to the next thing and the next thing and th… Good on you for taking on the project and seeing it through. Stay well Shelly. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tilly, definitely! She’s adorable. Good luck with the puppy training, you brave soul. 😉
    The cabinets look great… I’m pondering a similar move, but once the wood is covered, there’s no going back. I need courage!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, she really is adorable with a sweet temperament. And thanks regarding the cabinets. I understand your hesitation and about the point of no return. It really helped having someone to nudge me in all of this. Hope you’ll share the results if you decide to take the leap.

      Liked by 1 person

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